Directions To Staging Area

Isleta will be closed at 11:30am on the day of the parade.  Therefore, you will need to seek an alternate route to the parade staging area.  Here are two alternate routes: 

From I-40 or Central: I-40 (or Central) to Coors.  Travel South (left) on Coors to Arenal.  Travel East (left) on Arenal to Tapia.  Travel South on Tapia (right) to Sanford. Travel East (1stLeft) on Sanford that ends on Citation Road.   

From I-25 or Broadway I-25 (or Broadway) to Rio Bravo.  Travel North (Right) on Rio Bravo to Isleta.  Travel North (right) on Isleta to Blake.  Travel West (left) on Blake to Tapia.  Travel North (right) on Tapia to Sanford.  Travel East (1stLeft) on Sanford that ends on Citation Road 

At Citation and Sanford: Turn Right into the South Valley Family Health Commons parking lot.  There are several parking areas.  If your vehicle is not in the parade and you are just dropping people off, please take a left on Citation Road and right at the dirt lot.  Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed into the parking lot.